Stuti Jain Quotes

  • Some say it’s addiction, some call it hallucination, I call it salvation ! No matter what comes in between you’re my ultimate destination !
  • Every night I sleep thinking of you, while you’re in my dreams when I’m asleep. You don’t know the feeling when you’re the first thing I hear in the morning. You’re my dream come true ! ♥
  • I happened to get along with you by chance. That’s what I tell everyone, but when I look back closely, I see all those tiny special moments that carved this love story ♥
  • I pick up the pen in a mood to write something and end up thinking of you, this is how my best creations are born ! ♥
  • Even if you’re in a serious relationship, you always carry a soft corner for someone who you know loves you but would never accept and continue to love you forever without any terms & conditions !
  • I don’t write stories, I write dreams !
  • Love is viral ! The sooner it spreads, the more time it takes to heal !
  • I’m not a weak person by virtue of emotions, it’s just when you’re trying to explain things up, I let you try being stronger 😉
  • How a call from your loved one, first thing in the morning, can entirely change the way you begin your day ! ♥
  • Love is what makes it, Love is what destroys it ! A relationship is truly a mystery !
  • Love is an emotion that gives voice to even silence !
  • Love is a bitch ! It makes you dream of the future and insecure of the past !

“Ishq Wala Love” ~ The Boy with the Magical Guitar

“Surkh wala, soz wala, faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se zyada
Waise wala love
Ishq wala love”

It is not everyday when you land up in the worst of your moods, and whenever it happens the reasons are infernal. At least to you, which is why even if you have the best of the friends around you, you prefer to be alone. I was in the same mood one such day. Though I generally love interacting and spending times with my pals all day long and even late nights. But that day I was in no mood of even facing friends who would ask a million questions out of concern which would put me off even more. I was lying down on the bed while tears were pouring down my cheeks. Being in a mood not to do anything I had random thoughts of pessimism occurring in my mind. To divert my mind I was looking at the status updates of the people on the BBM app of my Blackberry Smartphone. I didn’t notice at that time, which I realize now that people update every and anything on their status, but what I wanted to share is, reading the status messages of other people only made me sadder. I too updated my status as “Heartbroken”. I had not been answering any of the texts I had been receiving since an hour when this guy popped in to check what was up with me. I don’t know whether it was the outburst of my emotions or the solace & secrecy of my emotions that I saw in a person who I had not even properly introduced with yet, I told him all I was going through. While he was trying to cheer me up by cracking some here and there jokes which I did not even feel like smiling to speak seriously of, and having realized the same, he tried another tactic. He sent me an audio recording of him playing the guitar and singing a song. I, who was feeling so much neglected and dejected, this last tactic did wonders in uplifting my mood. It was the first time he shared his recording to anyone as he said. But I was touched by his conduct. There are people who still want to help people, there are humans still !

I dedicate this post to the very same guy, whom I  now call, the boy with the magical guitar ! 🙂 The song that he sent for me is the title of this post !

“I Love You Too”, And I’m an author officially !


US based publication house, AOE Studios gave me my first publication as an author. It was a dream come true with KC Hunter who saw it in me and considered my story for the anthology. The book is for sale on the and available in two editions (Paperback and Kindle)

The links are:

I have also been featured on the official website and Facebook page of the publication:

I wrote a love story called “I Love You too !”. Being a writer that deals into Romantic Fiction, stay tuned for my next publication yet again a love story, more passionate, intense and romantic this time !

The name is Bond, Vagabond ;)


“I’m strong, I’m confident;

I gaze and dazzle and thus I grow;

I’ll turn myself into ashes which you won’t throw,

For it’s from where I’ll shine and regrow,

I’m phoenix fluttering around, I have my opinions but I listen to all sounds;

I’m fiery spirited, bright and yet humble,

I believe in resurrection of my dreams that would never crumble!”

Born in a middle class joint family in a small town of Uttar Pradesh called Kanpur, I have always been close to values and systems. Being the eldest child of the family and belonging to a cultural heritage and social system where male dominance still plays a role, I am proud to have assumed the role of the son to my parents. I have seen a lot of phases in life since childhood, and whatever I am, I owe it to my family and friends.

“I am an explorer of life and a chaser of dreams”, and this is what truly defines me.

My Discovery with True Love


How I started writing? When did it really start? I really don’t know. All I remember is sitting in my garden at 5  in the morning since I was 11 years old along with a paper and pen and scribbling down words, watching the greenery around mystified enough to notice when my grandmother would eventually come out searching for me in the garden while I used to be deeply engrossed with the beauty of nature. I remember watching the ants as they climbed along the walls. I remember sprinkling sugar in the grass to watch the ants come and take small particles of sugar slowly. I remember watching a growing bud daily. I remember lying down in the evenings watching the stars. I remember listening to the chirping of the birds at 4 am. I remember the smell of mud in the monsoons. I remember the feel of the first rain. I remember the freshness of a summer morning. I remember the snowy winter mornings when I loved watching my own breath in the mirror.
Nature had always been very close to me and I would rather say it has been imbibed in me since times I didn’t even notice. I would say my grandmother had a direct role in this, for she was herself very close to nature. My writings have been inspired by the forces of nature. And as I grew up, I started writing of emotions, feelings and fears, that were spoken and unspoken. I’ve seen life changing. I miss my childhood. There are no summers, winters, monsoons and springs like they used to be. Similarly, feelings and emotions have changed since I started noticing the people around me. I write about all these things.
I say it often, that I write dreams, not only mine but also of the people around me. Dreams that are unrealized, unspoken but felt in a world which is opening newer doors of communication where no one really has time to get in touch with themselves even !